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Homework for Week 2

Hello Girls!

I hope your return to school is going smoothly. I’m sure it has been great to see your friends, teachers and if you are at new school, the exciting new grounds and buildings.

There will be so much in your daily lives now, so it is very important to put aside some very specific times for your practice. Try to do that this week. Sit down with your parents and work out a schedule for each week. You should allow at least 3-4 x 30min sessions.

In this time it is a good plan to :

1. Do some vocal warm-ups: breathing exercises and scales

2. Try some of those tongue twisters we did at Camp!

3. Speak through the words of all the songs we are preparing - particularly the hymns, the anthems and Join Our Team;

4. Sing your part. Download your part – and sing along – watching the score and music. Try to memorise as much as you can. Set a target for each day

I have made movie learning tracks for Join Our Team and they are in the Google Drive.

It is a good idea to download the files onto your devices. If you have trouble trying to sing the words and the melody at the same time, just speak the words through separately and then hum the melody as it plays - or sing to “ah”. Then try putting them together. If the descants are too high, do not worry – just sing the melodies for those final verses.

Please note that the date of the Commonwealth Service has moved from 14 March to 7 March.

I am so looking forward to seeing you all at rehearsal on Mon 15th at St Mark's, Remuera. Please be sure to have water bottles, music/pencils and erasers and have a (healthy) snack before you come!

Have a great week!

Ms Sanders

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