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Homework for Week 1

Hello Girls!

Now that the school term has officially started for most of you, I have some music for you to listen to and sing along to. Please download the files onto your devices and note that the music is in lower keys than the printed versions in your booklets.

The words have not changed – so you may not need to print the new copies unless you are going to learn at the piano and play the melodies yourself (or with a teacher/parent).

If you have trouble trying to sing the words and the melody at the same time, just speak the words through separately and then hum the melody as it plays - or sing to “ah”. Then try putting them together.

If the descants are too high, do not worry – just sing the melodies for those final verses.

Do focus on “Join Our Team”. MP3 parts will be made if needed. A reminder that Tuis have the melody, Bellbirds the lowest part and Fantails are in the middle.

Please note that the date of the Commonwealth Service has moved from 14 March to 7 March.

There will be more homework for Week 2.

Have a great week!

Mrs Sanders

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