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2020 Year End Message from Mrs.Lawson

Good morning Miss Oram, Choir girls, Handbell ringers, Mrs Grant, and all the volunteers who transported and helped in so many ways to make last night’s event for Rotary such a success.

So many people commented to me on the talent we have in the choir from those who played instruments and they were also interested in the Handbells which have been bequeathed to us. Past choristers made this performance possible!

The audience enjoyed singing the carols on the carol sheet and even if some did not sing they kept the beat as everyone sang.

I realize it is a very busy time of year for everyone and many of you had to make a special effort to attend and help especially transporting all the equipment back to the storage.

Christmas is a time of giving and we gave our time and performance to the Rotarians which is part of our programme and they expressed their sincere thanks for what the choir did, the instrumentalists, and the parents who brought their girls.

I hope you all enjoy the preparation time getting ready for Christmas and then most of all the holidays afterwards.

I am immensely proud of you all, and my special thanks to the Governance Board and Management Committee for the myriad things they continually do in the background to support the choir.

Last, my thanks and humble appreciation of all the birthday wishes given to me at this time. As I say frequently it is only a number, but I am blessed to have good health, and good friends within the choir who are very special to me.


Mrs Lawson

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