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2019 AGC Music Camp

It is coming to the end of 2018! Our 2019 Music Camp is now open for registration. It is mandatory for all choristers to attend. CAMP FORM can be download here

It is held on 9th - 11th Feb 2019.

Please drop your girls at Greenlane McDonald at 2pm Friday 9th Feb to avoid traffic going up North.

Then Pick up at 2pm on Sunday 11th Feb at Peter Snell Youth Camp, Whangapoaroa.

There is a 2nd pick up location on Friday at Takapuna Golf Club around 315pm.

The camp is an excellent opportunity for the choristers to learn on the vocal skills and make new friends. Peter Snell Youth Camp has been hosting for a number of years. They provide good meals and accommodation plus grounds with activities such as water slides and close by beaches for the girls to have fun while learning in a 2 days and 2 nights camp.

Parents please volunteer for a parents helper for supervision only. We usually would like about 5 helpers on hands to supervise the weekend. You are welcome to go home to sleep as the camp site is only 1 hour away.

The location, whangapoaroa is an tranquil and relaxing one which you will be refreshed and energised after a weekend away from Auckland.

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