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AGC "Songs to Learn" under the heading choir family on website

Hi Girls,

To help you all out I have made an instructional actions video for the actions in How Great Thou Art.Please could you all - and I will know whether you have - watch and follow along with the video so that so that everyone is doing the exact same thing.

You can find the video at:

How Great Thou Art Samoan and Maori Actions

Please learn these actions :)

We have uploaded a video of actions for the Samoan version of How Great Thou Art.

Please learn the action quickly

Thanks to Kate, Beth, Phoebe, Vanessa, Ava, Emma and Ally's dedicating their time to record the songs to learn for the rest of our choristers. It is available right now under the website heading Choir family.

There is also a video on Tutira Mai at the bottom of the page for the choristers to learn the move to go with the song. please encourage the choristers to look at the video and be familiarised with the move

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