Frequently Asked Questions

When does the challenge start and end?

The first day of the challenge will be Monday 11th October 2021 and the final day will be the 3rd December 2021.

How is the winner chosen?

I love using points systems for my challenges. Everyone has different body types which affects their actual physical results. That means that even if 2 people are doing the exact same thing regarding their diet and exercise, there is the possibility that one person may obtain better results than the other. That's just not fair in my opinion. Instead I choose the winner based on a points system. Each week during the challenge I will have a daily challenge for everyone to completed noted in our facebook community, a weekly nutrition video and 3x new workouts a week (you're welcome to repeat these workouts on the off days for better results/progress). This works by giving points per action taken ie. 1 workout completed = 10 points, daily challenge completed = 20 points, nutrition training video watched = 50 points and so forth. Whoever has racked up the most points at the end of the challenge will win. If multiple people have the same results, only then will I use the before and after pics to determine the winner.

I have an injury/medical condition - is this challenge still suitable for me?

Unfortunately I cannot give a blunt answer to this as it will depend on the type of medical condition or injury/past injury you have. Please reach out to me at detailing your specific situation before the 9th of October 2021 and I can give you a personalised answer.

Have any questions that aren't listed?

No worries! Contact me at and let's chat so I can help you make an educated decision.

What happens if the weather is bad?

In circumstances of rain or unsuitable weather conditions, we train at our home gym in Willow Vale. The kids are welcome! This way you know that you'll never miss out on a workout.

Can I bring my kids/baby?

Of course! We train outdoors at a park at Gainsborough Parklands, Pimpama. There's a playground and we all bring our babys play mats and favourite toys. They have a blast watching us train together.

Where will training sessions be?

We train at Gainsborough Parklands, Pimpama located on Great Sandy Circuit, Pimpama 4209 QLD.