Music Camp

We start the year off with a compulsory Music Camp just outside of Auckland.  This is usually in early/mid February from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. Bus transportation is provided to transport the girls from the city to the selected venue for the weekend.


The Music Camp includes tutorials, music workshop sessions and some recreational activities to allow the girls to get to know each other and develop team spirit.


A special workshop session for parents is held on the Sunday morning during the Camp and covers the training objectives of the Choir, the choice of the music repertoire, volunteering opportunities and the parent role in the Choir, and the strategy and vision of the Choir. 


The workshop session also allow parents to get to know other parents and to find out more on how they could potentially help support and encourage their girl’s efforts in the Choir. 


The weekend ends with a combined lunch for all the parents and girls.


The 2021 Music Camp was held in January at the Peter Snell Youth Village, Gulf Harbour, Whangaparoa.