A full Choir 2019

We have a great response to audition for 2019 and this year, we have taken in 20 plus new girls making it 44 in total. Welcome to all the new families who have join our Choir family. No doubt your girls will settle into the choir routine after our annual music camp this weekend. Please take special attention to our weekly newsletter which has been put together in great details by our communication manager, Sally Ian Clark.

Welcome Back 2019

Hope this message find you all well and refreshed from a lovely warm summer! Welcome to a number of new additions to our AGC family! If you have not been receiving any Newletters or WhatsApps messages . Please feel free to email Sally.ianclark@hotmail.com or text Robert Chow on 021929500 who can add you to our contact list. If any Choir members themselves would like to be emailed or to received WhatsApp messages, they can likewise contact our Parents representative Sally or Our chairman Robert. Our Summer Music Camp is coming up a 2 weeks, If there are any thing that you are unsure about regarding our weekly rehearsals or about the camp, please contact our Choir manager, Mrs Matthews 0210249

Registered Charity: CC49654

Beautiful voices, beautiful people