AGC AGM and Information Evening 1st March 2018

Thankyou to all the exiting Board members for their hard work and effort for our Choir family. The New Board members are Chairperson - Robert Charles Secretary - Rachael Donovan Choir Manager - Henriette Matthews Treasurer - Denise Paterson Wardrobe managers - Victoria Atkinson Elenore Byrne Parent rep - Sally Clark Marketing and Sponsorship - Sally Clark too if no one else will put their name forward!!

Commonwealth Day Service

On 11th March, Sunday, AGC will be joining representatives from around the world in remembering Commonwealth Day. There the Choristers will sing for us in public for the 1st time in 2018. Do come along and support them. The service is held between 5-6pm at The Holy Trinity Cathedral on the corner of St Stephens Ave and Parnell Rd. Please drop off the choristers by 4pm at the latest and go immediately to their seats at the Right front of the Cathedral. Do not bring the Choir bags or Jackets. After the rehearsal in the cathedral, girls will be taken to the Oaks room to change shoes and put on ribbons and sashes before you get back to the Cathedral and be seated by 4.45pm Blue top should be wor

Uniform and shoes

please contact acting wardrobe manager Victoria Atkinson and Mrs Byrne. ( if your uniform is incorrect in size. Try your skirt and top on and take a photo of your skirt's length and send it to the above email so that we know that it is the right length for our 1st performance is not long away. 11th March 2018, Commonwealth Day service the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Parnell. You should also purchase a pair of black canvas shoes as travel shoes. These can be easily purchased from the warehouse


What a Great weekend it has been! Thankyou so much for Mrs Lawson and Mrs Carol, Mr and Mrs Chow and all the parent helpers who came along to make this AGC camp a successful one. It was wonderful to see that the girls have bonded so well. As many as 8 new songs have been learnt in just a weekend! Great JOB for all involved. What a great start to a choir year!

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