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The Auckland Girl’s Choir  (“Choir”) is an Incorporated Society and is registered with the Charities Commission.   The Choir provides choral-training opportunities for girls aged 9 to 18, who come from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds throughout the Greater Auckland area.  Its values are centered on providing an inclusive and nurturing environment that inspires, challenges and develops both musical and life skills. 


The Choir was founded by Mrs. Leonie Lawson MNZM in 1996 and was registered as a charitable organization in 1998.The founding principle and mission of the Choir was to provide the best possible choral training opportunities for girls aged 9 to 18 from the greater Auckland area who otherwise would not have had the opportunity.


The objectives of the Choir shaped by its founding principle are to:

  • provide the finest possible musicianship, and choral opportunities for girls in the Auckland area;

  • provide an environment where, in addition to musical skills, self-discipline, teamwork, leadership skills and a strong commitment to excellence are developed;

  • regularly perform and present a wide range of quality choral repertoire in a multicultural context; and

  • engage in performance activities that benefit the community.


The Choir has earned a reputation for high standards in performance and musical discipline.Its comprehensive training program focuses on both musicianship and holistic personal growth including an emphasis on leadership skills development.In this regard, the Auckland Girls’ Choir is unique in the extra-curricular Auckland music education sector.